technologyUndoubtedly, a lot of interesting technological breakthroughs and innovations are waiting for our society in the nearest future. I suppose that, first of all, many changes will take place in communication and IT. Even in coming 10 years Internet will become incredibly faster and more reliable, so it will fulfill the functions of all communication devices. People will watch TV channels via Internet, make video phone-calls, listen to lecturers and receive university degrees, do business and trade, control their appliances, do shopping and even wash their clothes.

A further step ahead can be creating of so called bio-computer. Such computer will be operating with the help of principally new technology, which will be designed on principles of our genetic codes. This will make our computers hundred times more powerful and open new giant opportunities for their users. Such computers will allow using special helmets when operating, in order to enjoy advanced virtual projections and sound environment.

Very soon every one of us will have a small device, which will content all our personal information. It may look like a ring or a chip, which will keep all possible codes and numbers, like personal ID, number of driving license and social security, blood type, credit card number, etc. Such a ring will be used for identification or when paying for goods. Moreover, it will even serve as keys for opening doors or safe-boxes. It will be very convenient and secure.

In addition, new achievements in genetics will result in significant developments in medicine. Soon it will be possible to receive a replica of any human organ by genetic cloning, so operations on replacing any faulty organ will become usual and safe. Also, I suppose, genetic experiments will give doctors the opportunity to create special pills for every particular genetic combination of an individual, so everyone will be able to receive a special personal cure for any illness.  Besides, I truly believe that the specialists will find a remedy for cancer.

Finally, such innovation as nanotechnology will give us the opportunity to create any desirable materials and substances with any required characteristics. Nanotechnology means designing materials on atomic and molecular levels, so that is how humanity will receive super strong steel, super flexible rubber, super transparent glass, and much more.