Electronic Survalliance And Monitoring In The Workplace

Electronic SurveilanceFor the last decade the issues of electronic surveillance  and monitoring of employees at work became the focus of researches of management specialists. ES means using measures of electronic control over the work of employees, like video cameras, automatic devices monitoring telephone conversations or Internet usage, devices of automatic registration of entry and exit, electronic time control, etc.

Many practical researchers speak for using electronic control and electronic surveillance in the workplace. They say it can be a very effective tool for controlling the employees, detecting their faults, idleness and frauds. “People won’t steal or slack off if they know they’re being watched. The average employee is productive 30 minutes out of an hour. They spend the rest of the time chatting, making personal telephone calls, getting something to drink, or going to the restroom.” comments Maggie Morgan, a specialist of Sentry Surveillance in Kennesaw, Ga.

Electronic SurveillanceBut, of course, specialists underline practical negativism and rejection of using daily electronic monitoring from the side of the employees. People like to be trusted and mostly pay back for this with good productivity and decent behavior at work. Many employees find measures of electronic control and surveillance to be the acts, which derogate from their human dignity and directly infringe the privacy rights of a person.

Such opposition received immediate support by legislative regulations. In a number of European countries, like Austria, there are some restrictions for using measures of electronic surveillance in the workplace. In order to establish any form of electronic control of employees, business organizations need to receive a special permission from the works council. Similar laws, establishing privacy protection regulations, were attempted to be adapted in our country, in particular, in California, but they were vetoed by the Governor at the early stages.

The researches underline that recently the sensitivity of the employees to electronic control and monitoring is decreasing, and now the personnel becomes more and more tolerant to the measures of electronic surveillance in the workplace. Especially after the events of Sept. 11, people started finding ES and monitoring to be very efficient for preventing some dangerous criminal or immoral intentions of the employees.

The Pygmalion Effect

The Pygmalion EffectThe Pygmalion Effect, which is also called “the self-fulfilling prophecy”, is a phenomenon, which was discovered by Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson. After a number of practical researches and studies, these specialists put forward a new theory about the influence of personal expectations from people on their performance.

In other words, if a person or a group of people are aware about high expectations from them, they will demonstrate much better performance and achieve better results. According to this theory, managers can considerably improve the outcomes and effectiveness of their employees by believing in them and expecting their success. This effect works in any environment and any conditions.

The most illustrative experiments were made with children. An IQ test was offered to the students, but randomly chosen children were reported to their teachers as winners. After being treated as bright and talented students, those “fake winners” considerably improved their results in the second test. But those children, who were real winners of the first test, but were not stimulated by the teachers, did not exhibit any improvements.

The name of this interesting phenomenon takes origin from a character of Ovid’s story, Pygmalion, who was a Prince of Cyprus. He constructed a statue with beautiful appearance, fell in love with it and asked Gods to bring it to life. Famous play-writer Bernard Show borrowed this story for his play, Pygmalion, which became popular as the musical My Fairy Lady and helped Rosenthal and Jacobson to find a name for their new finding.

Pygmalion effect is an important instrument in management theory. It makes managers be aware, that the success of their employees depends not only on qualification, personal qualities or working environment. Manager always has to believe in his people and expect them to achieve the best results. In such case the subordinates will always feel this trust and demonstrate their best skills and abilities in their work.

Technological Breakthroughs Of The Future

technologyUndoubtedly, a lot of interesting technological breakthroughs and innovations are waiting for our society in the nearest future. I suppose that, first of all, many changes will take place in communication and IT. Even in coming 10 years Internet will become incredibly faster and more reliable, so it will fulfill the functions of all communication devices. People will watch TV channels via Internet, make video phone-calls, listen to lecturers and receive university degrees, do business and trade, control their appliances, do shopping and even wash their clothes.

A further step ahead can be creating of so called bio-computer. Such computer will be operating with the help of principally new technology, which will be designed on principles of our genetic codes. This will make our computers hundred times more powerful and open new giant opportunities for their users. Such computers will allow using special helmets when operating, in order to enjoy advanced virtual projections and sound environment.

Very soon every one of us will have a small device, which will content all our personal information. It may look like a ring or a chip, which will keep all possible codes and numbers, like personal ID, number of driving license and social security, blood type, credit card number, etc. Such a ring will be used for identification or when paying for goods. Moreover, it will even serve as keys for opening doors or safe-boxes. It will be very convenient and secure.

In addition, new achievements in genetics will result in significant developments in medicine. Soon it will be possible to receive a replica of any human organ by genetic cloning, so operations on replacing any faulty organ will become usual and safe. Also, I suppose, genetic experiments will give doctors the opportunity to create special pills for every particular genetic combination of an individual, so everyone will be able to receive a special personal cure for any illness.  Besides, I truly believe that the specialists will find a remedy for cancer.

Finally, such innovation as nanotechnology will give us the opportunity to create any desirable materials and substances with any required characteristics. Nanotechnology means designing materials on atomic and molecular levels, so that is how humanity will receive super strong steel, super flexible rubber, super transparent glass, and much more.